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RCD500 reverse circulation drilling rig

Reverse circulation: Mud or water enters from the wellhead and flows out from the water outlet for reverse circulation. It is necessary to dig a square pit parallel to the wellhead next to the wellhead, and then inject water, the water flows into the wellhead, and the drilling equipment is started. This is the reverse cycle.
The principle is to put the drill pipe into the borehole filled with flushing fluid, and by the rotation of the rotating disk, the air-tight square transmission rod and the drill bit are driven to rotate and cut the rock and soil, and the compressed air is ejected from the jet nozzle at the lower end of the drill pipe, and the The cut soil, sand, etc. form a mud-sand-water-gas mixture lighter than water in the drill pipe.


Do you need to drill 500mm diameter big hole on the ground? RCD500 could supply your demand

Reverse circulation drilling is really a form of excavating. The equipment cleans out a hole in the ground as it rotates. The drill cuttings are sucked up into the machine similar to dust being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. It is through this method that large diameter, high capacity wells have become more feasible for municipalities, industry, irrigation and other large water users. 

The reverse circulation procedure has been best proven in areas containing deep sand and gravel formations. It is capable of developing a well which will produce more water per cubic foot of usable formation than any other method of well construction now available to the industry. Reverse rotary is not, however, a rock well drill rig; at least not in hard rock areas. 

It can and has been used in soft prolific rock structures with some success. Its greatest performance is in "sand country" where large capacity wells are more prevalent. Usually, you will find reverse rotary equipment being employed for drilling wells for high capacity projects. In some instances, reverse

rotary has been instrumental in drilling large diameter entrance and feed holes for underground storage caverns for gas and water reserves.




7.5kw   motor (3-phase 380V)

Mud   Pump:


Vacuum   Pump:


Hydraulic   Oil Pump:


Drilling   Diameter:


Drill   Pipe Diameter:


Drill   Bit Specifications:


Drilling   Depth:




Suitable   Formation:

soil   layer, quicksand layer, a small amount of rock layer, pebbles, etc.

Scope of application:

Suitable soil quality: soil layer, quicksand layer, a small amount of rock layer, pebbles, etc. Reverse circulation drilling machines are widely used in home digging, factory digging, taking domestic water, farmland irrigation wells, installing water air conditioners, solar water heaters, construction site piling, etc. This water well drilling rig saves water when working, does not collapse, and is easy to find water layers.