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BW160 mud pump

BW160 mud pump is one single cylinder pump , mainly used for water well drilling.
The main characteristic is the high pressure, lift much, especially for mountain terraces of irrigation.It’s one the main equipment of the geological survey, the main role in the process of core drilling boreholes is to supply fluid (mud or water), making it circulate during drilling and carry rock waste back to the ground , in order to achieve and maintain the bottom hole Clean and lubricate drill bits and drilling tools with cooling



The BW160 mud pump is a type of reciprocating piston pump that is widely used in the drilling industry for circulating drilling fluids or mud. Some of its main characteristics are:

Compact and Portable: The BW160 mud pump is a small and lightweight pump that is easy to transport and set up on drilling sites.

High Efficiency: With a maximum flow rate of 160 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 10 MPa, this pump is capable of delivering the necessary drilling fluids or mud at a high rate and pressure.

Durable and Reliable: The pump is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the harsh and demanding conditions of drilling operations.

Simple Operation and Maintenance: The BW160 mud pump is easy to operate and maintain, with a simple design and few moving parts.

Versatile: This pump can be used for a variety of drilling operations, including water well drilling, geological drilling, and exploration drilling.

Overall, the BW160 mud pump is a reliable and efficient pump that is essential for successful drilling operations.


Mud Pump Specifications

Model No


Cylinder diameter


Piston Stroke


frequency of stroke

165 times/min

Flow rate

160 L/min


1.3 mpa

Power input

8HP diesel engine

Diameter of suction   pipe


Diameter of discharge   pipe


Overall dimensions   (LxWxH)

1110 x 725 x 965 mm


200 kg

Application range:

1.Projects:Construction drilling of the projects e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation(geological exploring), railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction;

2. Exploration: Coal mining exploration, Ore exploration;

3. Water well : Small hole diameter water well drilling;

4. Pipe-installing : Geothermal pipe-installing for heat pump;

5. Foundation piling: Small-diameter hole foundation piling drilling.