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Alloy drilling bit for soil

Full tooth 3 wings drill bit Three-leaf alloy drill bit 3-wing triangular alloy drill bit mud pump fitting 3 blade drilling tool


This drill bit consists of a carbide cutter head and a steel drill rod, which can adapt well to the alternation of soil and sand layers.

The carbide cutter head can effectively cut the hard soil layer, and the steel drill rod can provide sufficient strength and toughness.

It is usually suitable for drilling water wells with a diameter of 4-10 inches.


1. The cutting edge shape design of the alloy drill bit is more optimized, which can effectively cut and discharge slag and increase the footage speed

2. The alloy drill bit is made of high-hardness material, which can better cut and penetrate the soil layer

3. High wear resistance, can maintain cutting performance for a long time, and reduce the frequency of replacement

The high hardness, cutting performance and service life of the alloy drill bit are unmatched by conventional steel drill bits. The use of these drill bits in soil layer drilling can greatly improve the overall drilling efficiency and economy